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What Things Make A Good Bathroom?

What exactly makes a good Bathroom?

Is your bathroom outdated? Want your bathroom to look amazing but don't know how? Need examples to get those brain juices going?  Read on! This post is created to help out the homeowners to create a bathroom. There are a few nicks and tricks that are used to make the bathroom outstanding. Here are a few;

A good bathroom (specially master bathroom) should have a good source of lighting to make the bathroom brighter in both the day & the night. We would recommend pot lights with warm white or warm yellow depending on the colour on the walls and tiles on the floor/in the shower. Also the need of vanity lights is important because it styles up the room along with giving the homeowner a better look in the mirror with the appropriate lighting. 

Mirror Mirror on the wall, are you the one I need most of all? The answer is yes! A good mirror or mirrors breathe life into the bathroom. Broken/rusted/or glared mirrors often make the bathroom look really out of place. If normal mirrors are too expensive for you, we strongly encourage the buyers to find great looking mirrors in cheaper places like Walmart, Canadian Tire, Home Sense, Winners, etc. (https://www.pinterest.ca/kannystephany/bathroom-mirror-ideas/)

Oh the vanity, many choices with this one, you can choose to either get the matching colour as your tiles in the bathroom, or you can choose to contrast the colour of the tile. It also has various designs varying from drawer styles, drawer handles, hovering look from the ground etc. It can get a little expensive but it is a much needed change if you want your bathroom to look good. We highly recommend the homeowner to visit (https://www.bathdepot.ca/bathroom/bathroom-furniture/bathroom-vanities.html) (placeholder) they have great options, and customizations! I highly recommend their services :)

Choice of the toilet! Get up to date toilet options, It doesn't have to be gold or silver, just elegant enough to look good with the bathroom as a whole. Here are some ideas! (https://www.pinterest.ca/ellashah272/toilet-ideas/

Let's talk counter top for the vanity, first things first lose the cheap board and laminates, go for quartz/concrete or granite! (see countertop trends 2021 article at https://www.massrealtyinc.com/blog) Make sure you match the countertop to the colour of your tile if not merging with vanity. If you are merging colours with the vanity then make it stand out somehow! Like a full white bathroom is nice and bright but also very dull, throw a touch of green by putting in plants, this will accentuate the vanity 

Standing showers versus bathtubs, which one is better? In this current trend of home design, standing showers are becoming more prominent than a standard builder tub. The standing showers cost more money but it's worth the investment in order to own a beautiful looking home. There are various ways you can have a shower, but if you ask us, having a glass door and wall in the shower is a must have! And if you are making your shower stand out, we recommend tiling it up by using 12x24  or 24x24 on the ground and/or on the wall, to make a lovely place to shower under. Want some reference? Here is some eye candy for you (https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/56787645289839126/

Now that we know about standing showers being meta, what are good options for the faucets and the shower head? Take a look at some ideas and see what you like (https://www.pinterest.ca/kunzandy32/shower-heads/) we do recommend a multi purpose shower head, we got one installed recently for a client, multi purpose shower and our favourite settings which are waterfall and water shower massage. It just feels too good to not have. 

Don't leave just yet! Tiles are a game changer in the bathrooms, a good looking tile can make a very good lasting impression upon the looker. We too sometimes wish we can take pictures of amazing looking bathrooms people have but outsiders are not allowed to take pictures of the owners property. But seriously get good looking tiles! Stop using builder ceramic tiles...they’re outdated. One that we personally like in the bathroom is a porcelain tile called “Mayfair Statuario Vanato Polished”

Master Bathroom special, the jacuzzi tub. Ah yes, the most relaxing piece in the master bathroom to melt away all the stiffness and the stress that was acquired during the day. A place where one can simply enjoy the smell of a nicely scented candle and feel the pressure of the water message the limbs. What? You don't have one? Well time to get one to boost the house up! And if you are planning to upgrade it and want some food for thought check out https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/396809417159841989/ I am sure it will melt you away. 

Stay with me! We have small accessory people often overlook in bathrooms, the towel hanger/toilet paper hanger. We personally prefer our clients to install chrome accessories because it merges well with the faucets installed in the bathrooms, it's good practice to try and keep the design in a similar way as the faucets. For example, if faucets are round, go with round accessories, if faucets are symmetrical, then go with symmetrical accessories etc.  

Last one we promise! A few houses we have seen are carrying Bidet showers, despite the name, it's actually placed beside the toilet to clean up the private areas. (can't get more serious than this to be honest…) from a bit of history lesson, it turns out this was more prominent in houses in asian/middle eastern countries. So if you are from there, and if the demographics support the population, why not upgrade your bathroom to what people in the area prefer? It can help you sell faster :)

Okay so, let's talk about money! How much does everything cost?

To start off, Installing the lights, $200 to $250 by an electrician for pot lights. Wiring the lights into the ceiling - $70 to $140 per light. Moving around any obstacles (heating ducts, joists, other wires): $200 or more per light. Then vanity lights cost between the lows of $60 to 150+ per vanity light. We highly recommend styling the vanity light with the accessory and faucets in mind. For vanity lighting visit (https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/categories/lighting-and-ceiling-fans/vanity-lighting.html?searchterm=vanity%20light) (https://www.homeadvisor.com/cost/electrical/recessed-lighting-installation/)

The national average to install a bathroom mirror is $110 to $240, with most homeowners paying around $158 for a 36 x 60-inch vanity mirror installed. (https://www.fixr.com/costs/bathroom-mirror-installation

Greatlooking mirrors for bathrooms found in your retail store, such as Walmart, include the highest price of $194.99 (https://www.fixr.com/costs/bathroom-mirror-installation). What about the lowest price range? Your wish is our command! The lowest price ranges from $15-$30 depending on the size of the mirror (https://www.walmart.com/browse/home-improvement/bathroom-mirrors/1072864_1045879_1230843_1230884?page=1&sort=price_low)

Since there are so many materials and styles available for bathroom vanities, the price can vary quite a bit. The cost of an average bathroom vanity is between $200-$800, depending on the size, material, and work involved. However, it can range from $900-$1500 on average. We highly recommend checking this link out for more information about vanity frames and work. (https://blog.homestars.com/bathroom-vanity-costs/#:~:text=Since%20there%20are%20so%20many,%24900%2D%241500%20on%20average.)

What about toilets? Usually a good toilet ranges from $300-$400. Need some source to purchase with good delivery service? Check out this blog posted! They even give you an option to purchase the toilet on the spot! (https://thronexperts.com/best-rated-budget-toilet/)

Want a change in your countertops? Don't know which option you would like to pick between quartz or concrete? Look no further! This link will tell you everything about the quality and the quantity of the product, so look no further and check it out! (https://www.fixr.com/comparisons/quartz-vs-granite-countertops#cQ)

Want granite as an option? Or perhaps other choices of countertops? Lets not forget about the costs related to the stone work! Check out our blog covering different types of countertops & their pricing! (https://www.massrealtyinc.com/massrealty-blog-posts/countertop-trends-for-2021).

Tired of your old bathtub? Here are some inquiries for you to look into! The average cost to install a stand-alone shower is around $1,150, including labor. This figure can vary widely depending on the style of stall, embellishments added and local labor rates. A basic shower stall can cost as little as around $700 with labor. (https://www.houzz.com/cost/42-cost-to-install-a-shower)

Here’s a behemoth cost which may make the buyer pinch a few pennies. Range cost of a jacuzzi jetted tubs go from $2,000-20,000+. Want to view some price ranges and find yourself a nice tub? Check out our friends at (https://www.aquaticabath.ca/category/jetted-bathtubs)

Stand alone showers need glass doors and glass walls but how much would the cost be for all of that together? Glass Wall Cost: expect to pay between $25 and $75 per square foot to install a tempered glass wall. A glass door costs at least an additional $1,000 to $3,000. Labor rates range from $35 to $150 per hour depending on location. Several factors affect the cost of a glass wall. Want the reference? (https://www.homeadvisor.com/cost/doors-and-windows/install-a-glass-wall/)

Bathroom accessories, luckily for us, this is the cheapest thing a homeowner can do to upgrade a bathroom. Prices ranging from high $20s to high $100s depending on design and materials, we recommend the homeowner to check out (https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/categories/bath/bathroom-accessories-and-hardware/bathroom-hardware-sets.html)

Okay, Okay we almost done! Let's look at the last thing for your housing and that is the cost of a showerhead  which ranges from as little $35 for an economy single spray model to over $2,000 for a luxury model or multi-head kit. Wanna go fancy or economy style you decide! Here is a link for both lifestyles. (https://www.homedepot.com/b/Bath-Bathroom-Faucets-Shower-Faucets/N-5yc1vZcd02?sortorder=asc&sortby=price

Okay, this is the last one, want nice titles in your bathroom? Ceramic/porcelain tiles are in! They provide the modern look you're looking for as a game changer. We have inserted some pricing within the market about titles. The most costly option is a natural stone like marble, which is typically priced at $15 (or higher) per square foot, plus $6 to $8 per square foot for installation. Man-made tiles will cost far less, from $6 to $8 per square foot for porcelain and $3 to $5 for ceramic (https://www.hgtv.ca/renovations/blog/common-renovating-costs-flooring-27087/#:~:text=The%20most%20costly%20option%20is,%243%20to%20%245%20for%20ceramic.)