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Elements of A Great Kitchen

Kitchen in a house is one of the most important aspects that makes a good looking house look like a great looking house. A kitchen has various things that make it look appealing such as Kitchen style (closed/open concept), Colours on the wall, backsplash, cupboards, the countertop options, appliances (fridge, oven, etc.), flooring of the kitchen, faucets, other amenities such as kitchen built in vacuums, lighting in the kitchen, crown molding, pantry, etc.

We’re going to dive into each element and tell our readers about current trends in the kitchen, give examples of concepts, and last but not least the pricing estimates of each section.

Kitchen Style

Closed Kitchen 


  • More walls = more cabinets, countertops, workspace and room for appliance
  • Cooking odors are confined to the kitchen
  • The dining experience is more formal
  • Guests are not inclined to disturb the cook
  • Gives a lot of privacy


  • Lack of interaction with guests
  • Lack direct access to the dining table
  • Makes the house look smaller

Closed kitchen ideas: https://www.pinterest.ca/sethhaber/closed-kitchen/ 

Open Kitchen


  • Allows you to cook and socialize with your guests and family
  • Open concept of the home
  • Can turn a dim kitchen into a bright kitchen
  • Cleanness
  • Extra glow


  • Lacks privacy
  • Smells around
  • Noiseness
  • Uncontrolled heat

Open kitchen ideas: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/430093833145647995/ 


Colour on the wall with current trend:

Bright colours are in for this trend, a lot of higher end houses are going for a swan white colour to match their floors and kitchen. 

Colour ideas: https://www.housebeautiful.com/room-decorating/colors/g1181/living-room-paint-color-ideas/?slide=6 


Countertop backsplash 


  1. Looks luxurious
  2. Easier time to install than smaller pieces
  3. Some backsplashes are heat proof and scratch proof 
  4. Protects the wall of kitchen from cooking disasters
  5. Eliminates stain risks
  6. Keeps pests out of the kitchen
  7. Makes cleaning quick and easy


  1. Expensive 
  2. Requires maintenance and cleaning of surface
  3. Tile grout joints which are pain to clean
  4. Backsplash sagging 

AVG cost of backsplash of countertop is between $450-650 for 16 SQFT for lower to mid quality/design $700-1000+ for higher end quality and design. Material only

Cupboards style and colours:

Cupboards come in many styles, height, colour, and design. With many customization options, the homeowner is often undecided or unsure on which would be best or economical for their house. Here are a few popular styles of cabinets/cupboards the homeowner get to choose from: 

  1. Traditional
  2. Shaker
  3. Rustic
  4. Contemporary
  5. Slab
  6. Country
  7. Craftsmen
  8. Glass Front
  9. Louvered 
  10. And Open Shelving 

For more information on each design and visuals of designs mentioned above check out our friends at Cabin Life.

These are just styles of the cabinets, the cabinet customization also goes into the type of wood or material used, such as cherry wood, oak, MDF etc. 

For more reference material and concepts: check out https://www.pinterest.ca/diannevburns/kitchen-cabinets/ 

Cost to get a small renovation done is between $130-260 per cabinet to a major renovation done which is between $390-650+ per cabinet in Ontario Canada (material only).

Countertop options:

There are many options to use when dealing with counter tops, if you would like to know more about counter tops, options, and prices follow https://www.massrealtyinc.com/massrealty-blog-posts/countertop-trends-for-2021 

If you need some reference material for kitchen design and counter tops check out https://www.pinterest.ca/StockCabinetExp/kitchen-countertop-ideas/ 


Major Appliances are important in the kitchen and they affect the house value tremendously, good kitchen appliances also mean less maintenance, and good performance! Some appliances can cost thousands of dollars all together or stand alone! It’s really important to know which appliances are good and which ones need to be changed. Major Appliances in the kitchen include: Fridge, Cooking top, Wall oven & microwave, range hood or went (exhaust fan), undercounter refrigerators, disposals and compactors, and dishwasher. Note: you don't need undercounter fridges or disposals and compactors, they are nice to have.    


minor appliances are small kitchen appliances that can do many tasks and do it much more efficiently than by hand procedures. For many home cooks, the time saved using small kitchen appliances is the No. 1 reason to use them. For example, brew coffee while doing another task in the house, a grinder machine to grind spices and other things rather than doing it by hand. This blog is designed to help homeowners pick useful small kitchen appliances, and create delicious meals that homeowners can enjoy.

Appliances in style are important as well, current trends for appliances are in the colour of Chrome. Chrome style fits in with all kitchens unlike white or black solid coloured appliances which are now outdated and look tacky. If you have the money for it, you can disguise the appliances to look like the cupboards in the kitchen! It's a very unique and luxurious look to complete the kitchen. 

Example of cupboard built in kitchen:

Best in slot: 

As of today, the best kitchen appliances are by the company Kitchen Aid. Their appliances can be expensive with packages going for $20k+. With the large price tag, the quality of the appliances received is top notch. Kitchen Aid has a fridge, stove top, wall oven, and more! 


You can mix and match to use various cheap economical options just keep in mind to keep them in the same colour or it will be difficult to sell the home. The most economical option for a kitchen with decent performance comes from LG appliances. The total estimated cost of choosing economical choices various between $10-20K+ 

Flooring of the kitchen:

Flooring in the kitchen is flexible to a degree, currently there is a trend that is placing vinyl on the floor to give it a modern look. Although it looks nice, does it fulfill the functions and the problems in the kitchen? Check out our blog on the flooring and find out which floor is the best! https://www.massrealtyinc.com/massrealty-blog-posts/flooring-tiles-vs-hardwood-vs-laminate-vs-vinyl-vs-carpet-etc 

Kitchen Faucets and sink styles:

Kitchen faucets and sink styles add great depth to a kitchen. The design and choice of colours must reflect the style presented in the kitchen. For example, a modern stylized kitchen using fancy luxury old school faucets makes the kitchen too different from one another. So it's best to merge the concepts together. 

There are many types of faucets styles, the homeowner must match the colour to the rest of the kitchen and its cupboards. If the cupboards are chrome in colour then faucets should also be chrome in colour. If they are gold then the faucet must also reflect that colour. These small details in the house bring out the great picture of the room. Here are some ideas to help you decide which faucet looks good in your kitchen! 

Prices for kitchen faucets vary based on quality, colour, and manufacturer. The average cost of sink faucet in Canada is between $120-180, more luxury end are available past 200+

Kitchen Faucets: https://www.pinterest.ca/fergusonshowrooms/kitchen-faucets/ 

Along with kitchen faucets, kitchen sinks are also important and add flare to the kitchen. There are many types of kitchen sinks, here are a few kinds:

  1. Farmhouse sink
  2. Undermount sink
  3. Stainless steel sink
  4. Bar sink
  5. Corner sink
  6. Granite composite sink
  7. Cast iron sink
  8. Kitchen Island sink
  9. Kitchen sink with drainboard
  10. Fireclay sink
  11. Single bowl sink
  12. And top mount sink

Kitchen sinks often start from $40 for low end to $1000+ for high end sinks. 

For a more in depth explanation and picture examples of these sinks check out our good friends Kitchen and Cabinet Kings or click on the link https://kitchencabinetkings.com/ideas/types-of-kitchen-sinks?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=fa7c079473714f8fa495f80167312729153c3af4-1622390637-0-AYab3kQwIHawfvXO_0NLRArCSRmCMKxtvqYNtMF83ghAf26u-yNckqEqQTF8RT7k_TQ1xV25pCfXn5cuts3w6ruVRUne82G-hhb3Ztrei1IynxuTiVeWIyulIj9yMJXGksS1TcCLok045LV3Nv2GveVYA2VxrI3c_mhWeoqqZUu0wv3Dx5vYtPw4jIRZxkS4TbEv3rqKaHndzJj0N6L4j6uVE5AjXFXTDzCIQ27Cbii2v8Dj2_3W2Ql3n2-0xVWODzGSFk3LR_6FMZr6vtTjb3lWgF29619EEVLLhIsUw-UixVG71TCmTRRUYPaNg6BaL5Ua3V34mFOyiKfVIY-ycmPLFrdMMBf5--TaZRCrCe6XTaGX7Jx0d20ZR1sHpUN8UMLlNmpeOEzAY4iKHkcJMmCiDf6CE96tApz1ybEpSE-ojQpF_T-yiu92MOPUch_8grT9862F2Vfj-pxcnXS_wPwkjdcybYxzyW5swBbL81db5-yxaKKESkvQ2qZX51GtuQ 

Don't know which faucet will look best in your kitchen? Here are a few examples to help you decide on a few! https://www.pinterest.ca/kitchenmagicinc/kitchen-sinks/ 


Kitchen built-in vacuums


  • Cleaning is easy and quick
  • Installation takes only a day and it does not damage the house
  • It comes with six-year warranty
  • Maintenance on the unit is minimal 
  • More durable and last longing
  • Improves homes resale value
  • Less Noise
  • Stronger suction


  • Expensive installations
  • Less versatility than standard vacuums
  • Sometimes less efficient
  • Requires specialized repair personnel
  • Extra storage space for long hoses
  • Challenging to install

Cost of installing built-in vacuums is between $1500-2000 respectively. 

Kitchen lighting 
Under cupboards: Pros & Cons


  • Easy on the budget
  • Adds unique style
  • Enhance the interior value


  • Consumes large amount of energy
  • High heat emissions

Types of lights: Xenon Fixtures


  • Can come with 3-way switch high-low-off functions
  • Lower initial cost than other options
  • Hard-wired or plug-in options
  • Near 100 CRI
  • Dimmable


  • Consumes large amount of energy
  • High heat emission

Types of lights: Puck Lights


  • Can come in easy-to-install, battery-powered options (LED only)
  • More focused light
  • Can be dimmable
  • Very affordable
  • Durable


  • Emits circles of light instead of more even lighting
  • Get really hot when used with halogen bulbs

Types of lights: Fluorescent Fixtures


  • Most can be connected together for more even lighting
  • Run cooler than xenon and halogen fixtures
  • Hard-wired or plug-in options
  • Brighter than other options


  • Color rendering may not be high enough for some applications or preferences
  • Pricing about the same as LED fixtures
  • Dimmer than other options

Types of lights: LED Fixtures


  • Can come with 3-way switch high-low-off functions
  • Most can be connected together for more even lighting
  • Run cooler than xenon and halogen fixtures
  • Brighter than many other options
  • Hard-wired or plug-in options
  • Very sturdy design
  • Can be dimmable
  • Long life span


  • Color rendering may not be high enough for some applications or preferences
  • Some fixtures may require separate power supply
  • Higher initial cost than other options

Types of lights: LED Strip Lights


  • Can be mounted end to end for truly even lighting, no dark or “dead spots”
  • Practically invisible when installed
  • Comes in waterproof options
  • Peel and stick installation
  • Very inexpensive
  • Long life span


  • Color rendering may not be high enough for some applications or preferences
  • Use of a track and lens may be needed, adding extra expense
  • Some fixtures may require separate power supply
  • Dimmer than most other options

Cost of installing lights on the cupboard is between $100-250. You can install LED strips which cost less (between $20-50+) but don't look as prominent as installed lights. 

Crown molding 


  • Frames the room
  • Adds visual interest
  • Enchanes the realsale of the property


  • Costly
  • Suitable only  for large rooms
  • Can make room look smaller
  • Improper installation will result in sagging and cracks
  • Crown molding cannot be repaired, but can be replaced

Average cost of crown molding in Ontario, Canada is $4-15 per linear foot. In larger numbers, $600-1800. If using hard wood or metal trimming, the price can easily double. 


Pull-out pantries

Pros: These are perfect for very narrow spaces.

Cons: These pantries generally come with limited warranties and have a low weight capacity.

Pull-out pantries can cost between 300-1000+ depending on how big and complicated the system for the pantry is. 

Pull-out baskets

Pros: These require minimal cleaning, they allow maximum visibility, are cost-effective and DIY-friendly for converting existing pantries.

Cons: The quality and features are wide ranging. Some baskets have angled sides, which leads to reduced storage capacity.

The cost of pull-out baskets can be from $80-400+ depending on size, design, and branding. 

Internal drawers

Pros: These have flexible sizing, a high weight capacity and are generally high quality.

Cons: This system has limited depth options, can be pricey and are generally not DIY-friendly if you’re converting an existing pantry. In addition, if your budget is limited and you only install a few internal drawers, you might fall short of the functionality you require. Pantry drawers may also require ‘packing’ to clear the hinges, resulting in reduced storage. If your pantry is narrow, internal drawers may leave you with limited storage as the sidewalls are generally quite thick in order to conceal the drawer mechanism.

Pantry shelves

Pros: These are easy, inexpensive and commonly used.

Cons: It’s hard to reach the back of shelves and the necessarily wide spacing reduces storage space.

Professional pantry installation can go from $500-3500 depending on material, quality and branding. This can also be a DIY project, which can cost between $150-400

Other pantry mechanisms

Pros: High marks for visibility and access.

Cons: They generally come with limited warranties and have a low weight capacity.