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Youmna shahid


Youmna Shahid is a marketing graduate and mortgage agent, dealing with purchases, refinances, renewals, debt consolidation, self-employment, home renovations and investments. Even though Youmna works in the finance sector her marketing skills make her a strong sale’s person due to her aggressive personality and strong will to sell. As a strong sales person Youmna is able to grapes customers attention with an impressive impact psychologically to change a customers mind to buy a product. Youmna’s skills include; organization, punctuality, presentation etiquette, and teamwork.

As a hobby, Youmna likes to play ice hockey or ice skate in her spare time, she is passionate about sports and entertainment. She also likes to workout during her spare time to relieve stress and she also likes to eat healthy. Her health routine consists of eating vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, and cucumbers with a dip. She is also a fast reader who likes to read non-fiction novels, however she likes to change it a bit and read about business spectrum and military tactics. Youmna’s organization’s skills come from her hobbies which include categorizing clothes, binders, documents, deadlines, and folders.