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ghulam shahid


Ghulam Shahid is a veteran in the business industry, an MBA and previously a general manager in a large textile company located in the East. Since then, Shahid has taken his skills to the real estate industry and polishing his sales pitch and services for the clients. Shahid is very well acquainted with marketing and management strategies to conclude successful transactions in the most timely manner.

Shahid is the team leader and is the lead real estate and mortgage advisor. Shahid has over 8 years of experience in the field of real estate and is an expert in dealing with all forms of real estate matters. Shahid has a large network of individuals that work together to provide a golden service to the clients. Shahid has won many awards in the past and plans on getting further in his career for real estate. 

Outside of work, Shahid enjoys adventuring, traveling and reading about investments and businesses on Bloomberg. His favourite kind of food is South Asian cuisine. Shahid dreams of expanding his real estate business world wide and providing best and honest service as possible.